Ivy Amara shares her heart in all of her song writing, painting a vivid picture with words and simple yet captivating guitar melodies. It’s all about a soul connection with this modern day nomad, who has travelled the world with only her backpack for nearly ten years until making Northern Queensland her home four years ago.


Ivy was born in Lithuania and then spent her teenage years and early 20s in Boston, USA with her parents. Travelling, seeing and experiencing different cultures has made this songwriter the grounded and relaxed person that we see now. Through studying and practicing yoga and meditation for many years, she realized the fundamental interconnectedness of every living being, understanding that love is the basis of our existence and that kindness is not something we do, but rather something we become.

Ivy Amara Music
Ivy Amara Music

Ivy’s song writing has evolved over the years. Her earlier songs had a strong emotional driving force such as heartbreak. Now her writing has grown to include more inspirational pieces as well as exploration of her voice while delving deeper into various genres such as blues and spoken word. Ivy has a small recording space set up at home which serves as a playground for her to experiment with sounds and layers of music creation.

Tuning into the abundance and beauty of Mother Earth, Ivy always looks on the bright side and truly believes that everything happens for a reason. She created Naked Soul Kitchen a few years back, which has been her platform for helping women connect to themselves and find peace as well as growth in their lives through mindfulness and meditation. 

Ivy recently started a music project under the name Alcheme, which features spoken word with soothing, meditative music and recorded nature sounds, in order to uplift and inspire people. Future collaborations with other artists are in the works through Alcheme, with a community focused approach.

Ivy’s favourite quote and motto is by the great poet Rumi; “Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.” This wandering song bird is here to fly and to share her passion for music, love and life, always urging others to do the same and to trust their hearts.  

Ivy Amara Music


  • Opening Act for Karise Eden's, winner of The Voice Australia 2012, "Up Close and Personal Tour" in Cairns and Mission Beach, QLD in July, 2019
  • Original song "Back to Me" was selected as the Semi-Finalist in the Folk/Singer Songwriter category in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2020. Winners are yet to be announced.
  • Article excerpt from the Cairns Post newspaper February 2020, written by Jack Lawrie:

"Telling it like it really is... This modern-day nomad loves nothing more than sharing her soulful stories of life. Cairns artist Ivy Amara is making a name for herself as a solo artist in the live music scene. Ivy brings a captivating performance with her guitar and vocals, telling a story while painting a vivid picture of love and adventures experienced during her many years of living a nomadic life while travelling the globe."